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I am building a gaming pc and i was wondering about storage, I currently play on a gaming laptop and have alot of stuff on my hardrive that would save me alot of time and money if i could just put this hardrive in, but i am going to install windows on an ssd and have another hardrive in the pc, how should i go about getting this stuff from my laptop to that hardrive?
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    You can just put the laptop drive in your pc as your d:. But it'll have a lot of (Windows) stuff on it you don't need. Apps might not work though as they will refer to c:\ for locations instead of d:\

    Or you can copy what data you need across to another drive an install apps on it.
  2. Data files can be copied from the laptop via a flash drive or just network the two computers, programs will have to be installed on the PC
  3. Make sure you have a large capacity SSD use the SSD to run the OS then after installing the SSD install the games on the SSD but move the my doc, my music, my videos and all the rest into the harddisk.
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