Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver 337.88 has stopped responding and recovered on a GTX 780

Couple of days ago a tried to push my GTX 780 lightning a little further on its OC. It was at 60+ on core and memory and i went to about 100. I ran crysis 3, sniper elite 3 everything perfect. When i tried to play dota 2(pretty weak game compared to the other 2) my game got frozen and minimized and i saw this error "Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver 337.88 has stopped responding and recovered".

I googled a bit and found that ppl say that it is a PSU issue or the GPU is dying.
On that note my PSU is and EVGA P2 1000w Supernova(80plus platinum) and both my gpu and psu are rather new.
I brought down the OC back to its original state and no problems were found until now. should i be worried? or this version of driver is full of bs?

Thanks guys1!!
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  1. Just to cover all bases. Temp are under 80, idk if i did a clean install with the new driver and recently i cleaned my tower with compressed air(was careful with fans not to burn them) is it posible dust causing issues if some got stuck on connectors?
  2. Not necessarily, see, if you try and OC above what your card is capable of one more time, your GTX 780 will "freeze up" and Windows just restarts it. Basically, I can make this happen repeatedly by OC'ing to hard.

    Turn down your OC a notch, furmark/Unigine Valley it, to see if it crashes again, then rinse and repeat.

    Also, somehow missed that you already dialed it back down, damn old eyes. D:
  3. Try updating to the latest beta driver, you are not on the latest driver. And it is possible for dust but i doubt that.
  4. Thats the weirdest thing, the driver error showed on a weak graphics game, while on benchmarks and even crysis 3 its running smooth as butter.
    About the dust ill blow some air into the bus and pci-e power cables, maybe some dust have settled in there. Beta drivers are reliable?
    Thanks for every bit of help guys
  5. RMA your GPU.
  6. That's just what happens when you overclock too much. Reset your computer and run that game without the OC. You should be fine.
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