Will Socket 775 cooler work on 1150 MB?

Hi All,

I have a Zalman CNPS9900A LED cooler on a socket 775 E6850 that works great. I'm putting together a socket 1150, Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC with an Intel I7 4790K CPU. My question is will this Zalman cooler work with this new setup? The old setup let me do some mild overclocking, 3.0 to 3.6, and that's what I'm looking to do with the new one.

This is from the Zalman web page for this cooler:

"Low-noise 120mm Blue LED CPU cooler that has powerful cooling performance.
Socket 1150/Socket FM2/Socket AM2+/AM2/Socket AM3+/AM3/Socket FM1/Socket 775/Socket 1156/Socket 1366"

I just need to check with the experts here if it's safe and I will not ruin my gear.

TIA for any help,

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    So long as you still have all parts then there is no reason it shouldn't work. In any case just about anything is better then the default intel cooler.
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