LINKSYS WRT1900AC router Slow LAN transfer speeds??

Hi, I just installed my Linksys WRT1900AC router, and it works great in terms of coverage and device internet speed.

However, I am getting extremely slow Device to Device transfers over the wireless network. For instance when I transfer a 300 MB file from my gaming PC (Ethernet connected to router) to my laptop (wireless N connected to router) I am getting only 100-200 KB per second. This is terrible for local transfers!

I tried transferring directly from an external drive connected to the router, to my gaming machine that is directly connected to the router, and the 300 MB file transferred in less than 10 seconds (at least 30 MB/s).

Is there something I am missing here? I want to be able to access files from any computer in my network at good speeds. Is there a setting I am missing?

Please help!!

Thank you,
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  1. how far away from the router is your wireless device? and are there any walls etc between the router and laptoptry putting it right near the router and see what happens. Also test with the laptop connected via cable to the router.
  2. Hello Iam2theCrow,

    I tried disabling homegroup because I heard that could cause some problems. When I disable homegroup on both computers, and if I move my laptop into the same room as the router, I can get speeds up to 4 MB per second.

    This is an improvement, but still about only 10% of the speed I am looking for. If I plug my laptop into the router with an Ethernet cable I get 12 MB/s. I suspect the wired speed is so slow because I am using an old Ethernet cable (not sure if newer cables can transfer at higher speeds). For the record my modem is connected to my router with the cable that came with the router (much thinner than a standard ethernet cable).

    I would like to achieve wireless LAN transfer speeds of > 30MB/s and my hardware configuration should be able to do that.
  3. Maybe I am expecting too much from Wireless N
  4. I re-enabled homegroup and still get 4 MB/s in same room as router. From what I am reading, I think getting 4-5 MB/s is pretty common for a 2.4GHz wireless n connection, correct (from wired PC to wireless laptop)? I was really hoping to be able to transfer large files (300MB+) on a regular basis in a matter of seconds. Oh well, Guess I was wrong.
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