zotac gtx 780 ti good or bad?

hi guys im planing on getting another 780ti and ive found a zotac 780ti amp edition for very cheap $740 compared to another asus card at $860.
I was wondering if anyone has had this card or one from the same brand to see if its going to be reliable like my asus card?
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  1. Not bad but den go for the zotac refrence cooler. Else go for evga asus or msi.
  2. Hi Xanarinera
    The zotac 780ti amp edition is fine
    for another well priced 780ti look at the gigabyte windforce 780Tti , it has great heat dissapation with its windforce cooling
  3. ill water cool it in my loop any way so cooling isnt a problem (thanks though :) ) as long as the brand is reliable im happy (im not a fan of msi or galaxy for that reason) so as it will last ill buy it. thanks
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    if water cooling the zotac will be fine or a gigabyte or go for the cheapest option for you
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