MSI z97-g45 dimm slot 3 and 4 not working

Hello, I have read multiple forums and done multiple testing. All of my RAM sticks works fine only in DIMM slot 1 and 2.

System Specs.

CPU: Intel i7 4790k (Just Purchased)
Motherboard: MSI Z97-G45 (Just Purchased)
RAM: Corsair XMS3 (CMX16GX3M4A1333C9) 4x 4GB
PSU: Thermaltake R2 700W

I checked multiple times on all my cords and everything is connected. CPU isn't missing a pin. BIOS recently flashed from 2.0 to 2.2 (still didn't fix the problem). CMOS reset as well.

I want to run 12gb for now, so I really want either DIMM slot 3 or 4 to work. If not would purchasing 2x8gb sticks be better or returning the motherboard?

Again, I just purchased this motherboard on today (7/7/2014) so if its really a faulty motherboard, than its just my dumb luck to pick the wrong one.
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    Return it and get an ASRock Z97 Extreme 4 or Asus Z97-A per,3824.html
  2. Is there no other way to fix the issue? Just RMA?
  3. What does CPU-Z say? Does it recognize and identify all 4 sticks of RAM?
  4. Get 4 x 4gb same ram and try it filling every dimm slot.

    Run memtest86 on your ram.
  5. Since I can't get it to pass BIOS with every slots filled, I'm not even sure if i can run memtest or cpu-z. Also thanks for replying this late btw.
  6. You put 1 stick in slot A1 and see I CPU-Z finds it, then put a stick in slot A2 and see if it finds both sticks, then B1 and finally B2 slots. Your comp will boot with just 1 good stick of RAM. If 1 stick is recognized in sloat A1 then take it out and Put it in slot B1 to see if it will boot.
    You get the idea yet?
  7. Ok, I boot up all my sticks in slot A1 and then in slot A2, but computer will not boot if I have a stick of RAM in slot B1, B2, or both. CPU-Z finds all my ram stick just fine.
  8. Well, take the mb back, return it, exchange it, whatever.
  9. Little update,
    ran memtest86+ on all my ram sticks - 2 hrs on 2 sticks making a total of 4hrs and a total of 5 passes.

    ran memtest86 to test CPU for 2hrs - pass with flying colors as well.

    Conclusion, bad motherboard.

    I just returned the motherboard and got the ASRock Extreme4. Set it up, and boot just fine (although there was some trouble in getting USB drivers installed when you can't even use the keyboard to login. Simple fix though with safe mode boot). Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

    thanks for all the help everyone.
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