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hi guys!

just want to ask if I can use my mobile wifi device huawei-e5220-711e as an wifi adapter so that i can use my pc's internet to my mobile phone
tnx alot. any help is very much appreciated.
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  1. I think the Samsung galaxy S5 is one of the first to support a feature like this, my galaxy S4 only supports internet/wireless tethering from mobile data, you should have a look on XDA dev forums, there could be a mod which would allow this.
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    you may go to a site and instal the aplication they offer. (its for free) and then install that app on your PC.
    then just start wifi of your mobile and when it gets connected you need to select appropriate options shown, like the source of internet connceted to pc like dongle or broadband connection, etc and then when you select enable internet sharing its done.

    you could go to browser from your mobile and check the net connection/

    even a video of this is available on you tube
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