Do I really need the manufacturer recommended psu or greater for a video card?

So I want to get this video card: Radeon R9 280 Here:

They say u need a 750w minimum
On the Manufacturer Product Page they recommend the "XFX Recommended Power Supply :

My problem is that pcpartpicker and other calculators say I dont need that much. In fact they say my 675 I already have is enough as is. It also has plenty of amps on the +12 so i am not worried there.
What I was planning to get was here:

If I dont need to though I will get something less powerful and less expensive.
Why do they say I need such a powerful power supply? Are they right or are they just playing it safe for liability reasons? Or are they simply trying to get me to spend more than I need on their product?

- Pete
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    For a R9 280 you need a 550W power supply according to Real Hard Tech.

    You can work it out yourself with a Wattage calculator eg

    For a R9 280 I'd recommend Seasonic 520, XFX 550 or Antec HCG 520M. They are all excellent power supplies.

    Even the 550W recommendation will carry a safety factor - in case you want to buy a real crappy power supply.
  2. No you dont need the recommended PSU wattage. They put that recommendation there because they take into account that some people use poor quality PSUs that use cheap capacitors instead of Jap Caps. As long as your PSU is reputable then you'll be fine. If your still uncertain you can get an XFX, Seasonic, or Rosewill PSU they have plenty of greatly reviewed PSUs
  3. TYVM. Thats what I needed to know. Real Hard Tech is a great site I didn't know about. Very helpful. Thanks!
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