best 18.5inch monitor

Please suggest a best or good 18.5 inch monitor under 8000INR
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  1. What about this - LG 18.5 inch LED Monitor (19EN33S)
  2. That should do as well.
  3. Which one is better among those two specified above ?
  4. Well the on I linked has a refresh rate of 75Hz so it's a bit better for gaming.
  5. please finalize........i prefer lg because its slim and physical appearance is also good........whats the response time of LG ?
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    The LG has a response time of 3.5ms, so that's a small advantage. You probably won't notice much difference between the two, so if you like the looks of the LG, go for it.
  7. Ok thank you soo much EDUELLO
  8. No problem :)
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