Will Arma 2 Combined Operations run on my pc

Hi, Know this isnt a gaming fourm but I need advice on my pc.

I would like to buy Arma 2 Combined Operations and run the Dayz Mod on it, the only thing is I have looked at my pc specs and checked if the game will run through a website call Can I run it and it looks ok on the minimum specs and simileler on recommended specs .

I have a very basic PC:
Pentium 2.60ghz Dual Core CPU
ATI HD5450 1GB

Iam concerned that the game might run but may also damage my cpu is it is not the latest. Can anyone give me advice on this and if the game will run ok and not damage my pc hardware, Im not looking at playing the game at high graphics but a medium level. what kinda of fps level will i get?

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    It isn't going to damage your computer whether it's able to run it or not.

    Your computer meets the minimum requirements on everything except the video card, but it's FAR from meeting it on the video card. Upgrade your GPU and you should be fine.
  2. Your gpu is equivalent to intel hd 3000 graphics which is not good at all for gaming. The game is going to be very laggy
  3. Thanks for all you advice :)
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