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well pretty much i bought a new computer intel core i7-4930k cpu 3.40ghz ram 32gb to replace my old computer which died on me so ive been using the new computer for about 3 weeks now and i find the internet has been really slow on it my normal internet speed i was getting on my old computer was about 2mbps and about 500kb upload ( i know its really slow) but now on my new computer im getting 1.4mbps and and about 30kb upload. my computer is plugged straight into the modem with a Ethernet cord ive called up my service provider many times and they dnt know whats wrong so i was wondering if anyone could find the answer
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  1. how old is they modem they provided you?
    are you running it through a router and if so how old is the router?
  2. its a netgear n300 wireless adsl2+ modem router
  3. how old?
  4. os? did you install the correct network driver?
  5. megaman1051 said:
    how old?
    about 2 or 3 years
  6. rgd1101 said:
    os? did you install the correct network driver?
    everything was pre installed before i picked it up
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    shotdog if your modem is old get your isp to replace it if they put up a fight just say you will switch providers, gets them every time ;) if that still doesnt fix it replace the router
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