My gpu is overheating, how can i fix this

I have a Gigabyte R9 270 Lately I've been playing bioshock infinite with optimized graphics by the AMD gaming software; and it's set to balanced. I used MSI afterburner to monitor the tempurature and it peaks at 85c. The other game that does this is counter strike go, it's temp peaks at 82
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  1. What type of case/case fan setup do you have? 85C isn't an emergency, but it could be lots better.
  2. Even if you only have the 3 fans that came with the case the cooling shouldn't be bad. Are the fans in correctly(front blowing in, top out, back out)? How long have you had the card and did it just start doing this?
  3. A quick fix is to just open a side panel. That should help dropping the temps by few C(s). Also ambient temps are high now so if you have AC crank it up :D. I put my comp on top of the AC vent that makes my 7970 CF very happy with temps below 65C at full load.

    Long term fix is to get full size tower or 140 or 120mm fans blowing air in from bottom and fans on the back flowing hot air out. ;)
  4. A 270 shouldn't be running that hot regardless of if the case has decent cooling or amazing cooling. Here are some 270 and 270x temp tests and you'll notice the regular 270s are barely touching 60C.,3769-4.html
  5. All 3 fans are normal and are at maxed speed. My cpu oc to 4.4 maxes out at 60c. Is it normal to have this much of a temp difference?
  6. did you overclocked the card?
  7. no overclock
  8. Is your cooling setup to optimised airflow for the cpu cooler or the gpu? If if it is your cpu then, it is normal really. You can't have on or the other unless you go water cooling.
    Also are you using the standard fan profile for the gpu or a custom fan profile?
  9. currently I'm using the standard fan profile
  10. I need more info. What are your idle temps? Has the card always ran this hot or is it a new problem?
  11. idle temp: 40c
    the overheating only occurs when i play bioshock on balanced optimization and counter strike go on quality optimization
  12. If it doesn't always run this hot, what temps does it run on other games or other settings in Bioshock and CS? Are you talking about a 3C difference or 20C?
  13. Yes, these are the only two games that run with significanly higher temps, even dayz only runs at ~60c 70c max
  14. What happens if you just ignore AMD's program and set the settings manually to Ultra on Bioshock? What about the same on CS?
  15. For bioshock, using preset ultra settings, it took longer to reach 80c than it did with quality optimization from AMD

    For counter strike, it the temperatures are now manageble with AA turned off
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    You can try a couple things. Adding a fan in side mount if you don't have one helped a couple builds ago for me on a Crossfire setup so I run one now all the time(front and side in, back and top out).

    You could try removing the heatsink and fan, cleaning the core, and using new thermal paste, but depending on the manufacturer it could void your warranty. I know some like MSI don't care, and I personally had Sapphire replace a card that I had disassembled without any issue, but I can't find any specific info for Gigabyte other than warranty term.

    You could contact the manufacturer. Most likely though, they will say that 85C is within normal operating temperatures.
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