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I'm looking to upgrade my PC. It's model is, as the title says, a Acer predator G3610.
I don't know anything about upgrading/building PC so I need help in what components are compatible with my PC.

I know the predator line and brand computers in general are harder to upgrade than home built ones, because the tight space, but I read that it's possible if the new components are small enough.
I purely play games, surf the net and listen to music on my pc so no video editing or anything on that line.

here are the specs:

GTX 560ti

Intel i7 2600 3,4GHz

can't remember anything else as I'm not at home, but I have a vague memory that it had a 500w power supply.

I want to extend the life line for at least a year on the gaming stand point and want to know what I would need to upgrade to do so (preferred graphics high or so) .

I want to get something on the line GTX 770 or GTX 780 and other parts on that quality/price level.
I can't afford a total overhaul atm, but I'm willing to dish out 600-750€ (GTX 780 cost 450€ here in Finland). Feel to suggest over the budget if it can raise to life time even more.

atm moment my biggest problems are over heating and the arrival of next gen games like Watch Dogs which I can't run atm and it blue screen inside 15min of starting playing. So I might have to get a after market fan swell.

feel free to ask more questions as I didn't really know what info you need to help me in this problem.

Thank you in advance
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  1. When you get home, I want you to do the following for me.

    1. Investigate your complete system specifications including motherboard.

    2. Remove your PSU and measure it for me.

    3. Measure the clearance space for the GPU. In other words, the distance from the back of the case to the HDD cages.
  2. 1. Acer Predator G3610 (as computer model), Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit, Intel Core i7 2600, NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 Ti 4095Mb 8GB DDR3, 1Tb Storage, DVD supermulti, 10/100/1GB, multi- in- 1 media card reader
    2. it's a liteon 450w psu 150mm x140mm x85mm
    3. 10 inches or 26cm, but the cage isn't blocking the way so it could go from the back wall to the front wall no problem, but there is only a 0,5 inch clearance to hdd cage bottom to top of gpu if it would.
  3. If I had to pick up a GTX 780 right here and now, I'd definately go for the EVGA GTX 780 Classified ACX. It's one of the faster ones out there and overclocks like a champ. But you will need to get a bigger and higher quality PSU to power that monster though.
  4. sounds, good it's about 575€ here. it's says it needs a minimum psu of that enough or should i just go for 750w and lastly how much does processor effect gaming and should this be upgraded?
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    Personally, I like to get a little more than the minimum so I have headroom for any future upgrades. In your case, a 750W unit will be golden unless you plan to do something crazy like SLI or something. Be sure to get a quality PSU from a reputable manufacturer of course.

    The i7 2600 is still a very capable processor in my books. Outdated but still good for gaming. Besides the GPU and PSU upgrade, my next priority would be to get a SSD.
  6. my pc mobo doesn't even support SLI, but I will be running 2 monitors....PSU wise I will probably get corsair if it fits in there. when I have the money I will probably upgrade mobo to one with support SLI and get another gtx780....but what is SSD...I have 1TB storage. isn't that enough or does it give more advantages

    (edit) and what about the over heating?
  7. what about these gtx 780 models:
    MSI N780-TF-3GD5 O.C NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 3072 MB (450€)
    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 Twin Frozr 4, 3GB DDR5 , 2xDVI/HDMI/DP, (450€
    These are much cheaper, but is the extra buck for the evga worth it
  8. Let's analyze the situation shall we.

    MSI N780-TF-3GD5 O.C - 954MHz (OC Mode Base clock)
    MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 Twin Frozr 4 - 889MHz (OC Mode Base clock)
    EVGA GTX 780 Classified ACX - 993MHz Core Clock

    Performance wise, the Classified comes out on top but it does cost a little more.

    If you're trying to save a few euros, see if the store you're shopping at has the EVGA GTX 780 Superclocked ACX version. That one should cost around the same as the other two you mentioned but comes with a slightly faster base clock (976MHz).
  9. Thanks for the help Builder. You really helped me her. Found a german store where I can get the evga gtx 780 classfied & psu for much cheaper than here. So I will go with that. Thanks again builder :-)

    Ps. Misclicked on the best solution
  10. Hi I have about the same question and I would like to hear from you if it all worked out and if the graphics card really fit. I would greatly appreciate a reply! thanks :)
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