120gb SSD for 60$

I want to modify my pc with a 120gb ssd and a 1tb hdd.
Please suggest a reliable and cheap one.
Also, my motherboard is 3gbps so I dont think I should not buy a very fast ssd, should I ?
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  1. First - any SSD will make things zip along quite well. no real concern with the motherboard - the faster you get the data to the cpu the faster the system will seem.

    As for recomendations - I would suggest Samsung PRO840 though not cheap.

    For other recomendations - look up the TOMS article.
  2. Atmadeep, your reasoning is correct the sata 2 interface will limit almost any ssd speed. Data from the ssd goes thru the sata2 to the mobo and then ram. The amazon kingston deal is good.
  3. Te 840PRO is far out of my budget but is the 840EVO any good?
    The comments on the kingston drive are bad. They say that it is very slow. Please clarify why .
  4. The EVO has gotten some very good reviews.
  5. The Samsung EVO is a very good SSD and it comes with excellent cloning software, but is going to be more than $60. I can't understand the reviews featured on Amazon. The were 705 5 star reviews and only 79 bad reviews. Yet all the feature reviews were bad. I think some people have manipulated the featured reviews. SSDs will only reach stated speeds under ideal conditions and that applies to hd too. But in real world use ssds are way faster than hd. Besides you mobo only has sata 2 and the top speed is 300MBs. Sta 3 top is 600MBs.
  6. Do not get the V300.
    They are slow, now that they are made in china they are using slower flash than the taiwan products. While this would be ok for you for now its till much better ,IMO, to spend the extra $15 and the the MX100 which will work much better should you upgrade or go to sell it in the future.
  7. The kingston one is reliable right?(by reliable i mean it wont crash within a few years)
    Also is the speed too low? You guys sure that it will be ok with my 3gbps mobo?
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    I dont know anyone that kept it after finding out how slow it was.

    But you shouldnt really care about being reliable for 3yrs. Yes, You should care that it doesnt crap out within a few months like some brands did, and how well they honor their warranty. Other then that reliability is what your backups are for. You never trust a drive not to break, and if it does, you're back up and running 10 minutes after you install the new drive.
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