Computer won't start up after I installed my new graphics card.

I recently bought a Sapphire R9 290, and my computer doesn't start up when it's plugged in. Only the lights on the motherboard turns on. When I use the old one it works, just not with this one. My power supply is a Corsair CX750M. I have tried updating my BIOS. Still doesn't work.

EDIT: I disconnected the cable that goes to SYS_FAN2 and now it turns on. Should I keep it disconnected?
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    Some Motherboards have very particular faults to their construction. For instance the ASUS Striker Extreme (version 1) and the P5N1 by ASUS won't boot if the USB port on the MoBo is connected up. I'm not sure why, but it's documented and I have first-hand experience of it.

    If you try a google search of your Motherboard model type you may encounter some peculiarity with the SYS-Fan port or somesuch.

    Let us know your Motherboard make. It seems to be the Motherboard's fault and not the Graphics Card's.
  2. Which motherboard is your's?? Maybe your Motherboard does not support the Graphics card.
  3. I'd be inclined to try connecting the gfx card to another power rail if possible just to rule out any weird faults there but ultimately if the fan is for unneeded case fans etc leave it off.

    You could see if theres anything you can change in the bios with regard to that fan. like auto speed, it might stop it triggering any weird glitch.
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