how do i fix my windows deactivation problem? error code 0xc004c008

I recently cloned one of my hard drives as a back up drive, also i had installed a new motherboard.. Now after the new motherboard windows was deactivated and needs to be reactivated but it says my key already in use on another computer.. how do i fix this?
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    Where it tells you it is deactivated, it should give you a local phone number to call. This will 'probably' get it reactivated. Failing that, you'll have to call and talk to a human.

    It's saying 'in use on another computer', because Windows treats the motherboard as 'the computer'. When it was originally activated, it knew the old motherboard. Now, trying to activate again, it sees a new one.
  2. Hi

    Is this a retail windows 8 or a oem win 8 you purchased for a PC you built
    Or a oem windows which came on a PC you purchased
    Only in first two cases is licence transferable

    If it will not activate on line you need to phone Microsoft activation centre and ask for help

    Usually their question is how any PC's is this windows copy installed on , the key will tell them what the version is

    If more than one PC no re activation

    Can you get windows activation to give you the phone number ?


    Mike Barnes
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