Sound crackling and computer slows down

So this problem has been going for a while now (maybe about 4-5 months now) and I've learned to deal with it. But it's gotten to the point where I cannot stand it anymore.

My sound crackles and my computer's performance tanks whenever I'm doing things such as: Watching twitch on fullscreen, playing DOTA 2, watching a fullscreen movie on VLC, etc. If I remember correctly the sound crackling started when I installed my new graphics card and I was tinkering around with my new monitor. Since then the crackling will not go away no matter what I do.

Can anybody help me out here?
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    possibly an issue with the mother board. it could be going bad but that is just a guess. correct me if im wrong
  2. It's either the mobo or the PSU giving up it's last legs for ya, can we get details on the PSU?
  3. yeah. my guess would also be mobo
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