how to install resident evil 4 on pc

hi i install resident evil 4 on my pc but then install is complete i open the game launch file then it show the gameplay screen but the play option is not work and that is show on screen but i cant click on play button so plz tell me the detail how to install resident evil 4 please tell me in detail..
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  1. is this a legal copy on a disk or a legal downloaded copy ? I have seen this before and after a few posts it came out the games were downloaded from some game download site ..
  2. its a legal copy on my dvd and its install properly but the play option its not work cant click plz help
  3. it may be securerom in the game blocking it [??] all I can say is uninstall it and reinstall it but if its a legal retail copy it should be good to go as I said the only times I seen this is what I said above..
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