Can't install OS with bootable USB — Reboot and select proper boot device

I built a new computer today. Closed the case, started the system and configured the BIOS:

  • AHCI is selected.
  • The boot order is USB > HDD.
  • I don't have a DVD driver.
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      As I thought, the problem was the bootable USB(s). They were all 4GB ones, so I used a 8GB one and made it bootable with Microsoft's Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool and a free Windows 7 iso.

      After that, I installed the drivers from AMD and ASRock and upgraded my system to Windows 8.1. I was dumb—you should install the GPU driver (so the Win8 updater can run under the right resolution) and then install only the Win8 drivers. Anyway, it's working! :)
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