Are these specs good enough to run next-gen games?

I've been looking into getting a new PC lately to prepare for the onslaught of new, high-end graphics games. I'm currently using these specs

Intel Core 2 quad @ 2.4
GeForce GTX 8800 (768 Mb VRAM)
and 4gb ram


And for a really old machine, shes served me well. I'm able to play a lot of newer games at respectable frame rates and etc. but I want to upgrade to a new machine to future proof myself as I'm starting to struggle to mod Skyrim etc. and here are the specs im considering

Intel i5 4690k (Defiantly)
8gb 1600mhz RAM (Apparently gaming rarely requires more than 6gb so 8 is good enough yes?)
and I'm not sure about GPU but I'm considering a
GTX 760 2gb or 770 2gb I play on a 1920x1080 24" monitor

I want to be able to heavily mod games like Skyrim and Fallout while still be able to play the newer games like Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein (And Fallout 4!!!) on high. Those specs are all I can really afford but I'm wandering if theres a Raedon alternative that might be better/cheaper or perhaps I need more VRAM to do these things. Anyway thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. That should be just fine. I use a HD6950 which is probably in the same capability range as a 760GTX. It runs Skyrim just fine. Titanfall also. Really, any game I've thrown at it with max settings have been playable at 1080p. (i7 4770k and 8GB of DDR3-1600 are my other specs so very similar to what you're planning)
  2. go for the 770, you don't want the 760 to hold you back
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    For 1080P 760 is enough. If you want to future proof yourself 770 would be a nice investment.

    Do not forget a 97 mobo and good power supply with that build:).
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