Pre-Built Gaming PC ($1500 or less)

I have been using laptops for gaming for the past five years. Now, I have some money set aside for a nice gaming desktop. Basically, I have little to no knowledge of picking parts for a PC, but have been exploring iBuyPower. I know that I want something around 1500 dollars. The one that stuck out for me was: . It is on sale (1399, was 1899).

I am interested on which parts you guys would suggest to make the system run as smoothly as possible.

Also, I am open to suggestions as far as other websites that sell prebuilts go. I'm not 100% set on iBP. Thank you.
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  1. cyberpowerpc and falcon northwest are another two that come to mind

    are you sure you don't want to build your own?

    it nice to have experience in case your need to make repairs and there are tons of guides online
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    If you're interested in building your own we could help pick the parts and all you would have to do is build the pc. It could be built in less than a few hours. You'll also save money when building your own computer which you can save or use it for better parts.
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