How strong/sturdy is mother board and connectors?

Hi, I might be overly concerned about my newly built desktop, but I want to know if it is okay even if motherboard (whole board) was slightly bent during the process of mounting it into the case. So I accidently screwed in Mobo into the case without those "stand screw" and I had to unscrew it and pull it back out and screw in the stand screw first and screw the mother board on top of it, and during that process, my mother board was slightly bent. I want to know if that is okay. The computer boots up properly, but I am concerned about motherboard's life in the long run...and also this was first time building my desktop so I had to plug and unplug cables over and over (sometimes I had to put alot of pressure on it) to get it right, and I want to know if that is fine. Thank you in advance for answering my questions! (I have ASRock z97 Extreme 4)
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    It's fine. Given the way some connectors have to connect to the motherboard, you're required to apply some pressure which will cause the board to bend. Not to the extreme, mind you, but as long as you didn't actually break anything (and given that it boots, I doubt you did), it *should* last you the life of your system.

    -Wolf sends
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