Used Q6600 or a new I5 + mobo for 650 Ti (Non boost)

Need a help on deciding a new CPU for my Asus 650Ti + my old rig.

In here, computers cost a fortune and I won't be able to change my just bought 650ti for at least two years or so. The GPU is getting heavily bottlenecked by CPU so planning to upgrade it.

The sole intention to play games (Currently BF4, TombRaider 2013, Thief 2014), and I do my other stuff on my i7 laptop. Also I don't usually to max out settings with as much as AA. (With 650Ti can't do it)

CPU decisions:
1. A decent i5 (K) + a new mobo : 400$ +
2. Used Q6600 - 50$ (Can be oced with no prob to 3.00Ghz with my current ram- 333 * 9)

I'm kind of lost between CPU. Will an i5 overkill for my current rig? Will a used Q6600 suffice me for at least 2 years for decent quality (~30FPS) gaming? Thanks!

1. CPU - C2D e4500 (2.86Ghz - 260 * 11)
2. Ram - Kingston KVR 667 4GB 6,6,6,17 (@520 Ghz)
3. VGA - Asus 650TI (stock)
4. Mobo : Gigabyte G41-mt-s2p (1333 max)
5. PSU - Cooler master 550W 80% bronze
6. Monitor - viewsonic LED (native 1080p)
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  1. imagine the C2D but with 2 more cores

    you basically will see a small boost overall but unless the game takes advantage of more cores, it won't change much

    you can compare CPUs in a large variety of games here
  2. add a xeon cpu + ssd
  3. Q9650 E0 from eBay for $130 overclocks to 4.2 (9x467 on 965 / P35 / P45 chipsets) with Cooler Master 212 EVO.
  4. his ram will limit his OC to 333*X
  5. Those chipsets have 266 / 333 / 400 straps, so there are many combinations for memory settings.
  6. I have the ASUS P5kE wifi ap and the lowest strap is the one tied to FSB, can't get lower than that

    so if FSB is set to 400mhz, the ram has to be set to 400mhz (*2 cuz DDR2)
  7. Yes, you're right.

    I just checked on it, and the lowest memory setting at a 9x CPU multiplier at either 333 or 400 strap is DDR2 934. The only other powerful socket 775 processor on eBay is the unlocked 45 nanometer QX9650 C1 for about $190. With it's unlocked multiplier, the OP would be fee to configure his memory without any restrictions.

    With a transistor count of 820 million, clock per clock the 45 nanometer QX9650 has as much horsepower as the socket 1156 1st generation 45 nanometer Core i5 750 at 774 million transistors. The Q6600 has only 582 million transistors, and overclocks to just 3.6 Ghz.

    CT :sol:
  8. transistors =/= performance especially as cache takes up a lot of transistors but doesn't scale performance up that much

    QX 9650 at 3ghz is likely about the same perf as a 2.7ghz first gen i5 or there abouts
  9. Nevertheless, the OP can reach 4.2Ghz on his present socket 775 rig for about $225 including a Cooler Master 212 EVO and a QX 9650 C1. It's easy to overclock, performs well and is still a viable gaming platform.
  10. Best answer
    $225 is close to an $175 i5 4440 + $50 B85 motherboard. Ofc add in $75 for ram and you're at $300

    The 775 will be be a dead platform and investing more is a calculated risk (caps may die on mb etc)
    The chip may not OC as well and who knows what it's been through
    I too was once conflicted between a C2Q upgrade from a E5200 or build new
    I ended up getting the $200 i5 3570K + $75 mb + $25 8gb ram (back when DDR3 was cheaper than DDR2 XD)

    The C2Q is a viable and less hassle choice but I think OP should consider all the options

    For a quick easy upgrade, get the C2Q
    for a more long term solution, get a new mb+ cpu + ram
  11. CompuTronix said:
    Yes, you're right.

    I just checked on it, and the lowest memory setting at a 9x CPU multiplier at either 333 or 400 strap is DDR2 934.
    CT :sol:

    I'm a noob on strap settings, but is this means I cannot OC if I go to Q6600 with 1333 DDR3? At least to 3.0Ghz(333*9)? My mobos max speed is 1333 (OC).

    QX9650 looks great too, but it should be only from ebay. The local stores doesn't have it and if its for i5, I will definitely go for local stores due to the warranty even though the price is high...
  12. with DDR3 I think you can hit 444mhz on the ram which means the bottleneck is back to the mb

    with the QX however, you have unlocked multiplier so limited only by CPU itself

    you can also get a q9550 and get 400*9 but you'll be limited to 3.6ghz
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