Looking to upgrade my geforce 8800 gt alpha dog edition, please help

hi guys,

My xfx geforce 8800 gt alpha dog edition is getting a bit old and slow, and while i love the card, i'm thinking to upgrade it to a geforce 600 series card. I found one locally that i think is a 640 that has 2 gig ddr 5 ram and the clock speed was around 1 gig. it is a much smaller card then my 8800, and will use less power. My question though, will i notice much of a performance boost?

This is actually an older gaming rig that i'm upgrading, i have a core i3 550 @3.2 gig, 8 gigs of gaming ram, etc.

I want to play games like shogun 2 total war at full specs. I'm not much for fps games, but i do play pcsx2 as my playstation 2 doesn't load disks very well anymore, so i find it easier to just pop the disk in the computer and play.

I haven't touched the amd cards since my old radien 9600 promised me a free copy of half life 2 and then said that because the game was delayed, they were cancelling the deal. Lol, they gambled and won, but it annoyed me so i switched over to geforce and i've been happy. So anything good within the price range would be great and helpful.

Just please let me know if i'll see much of performance boost. The card i have is getting old and i like to have a replacement just incase it goes out on me, and i've had my awesome alpha dog for at least 5 years now. If you can suggest a better card as well within the 100-130 price range that might be better, i'll be happy for the advice.

Btw, the geforce 640 does come with the 2 gig ddr 5 ram, it's an OEM version that's a bit rare but i'm currently visiting the philippines and have access to it.
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  1. I recommend the Geforce GTX 750 Ti, it's based on the Maxwell architecture, has an impressive base clock and decent performance even for new titles such as battlefield 4.

    From Amazon: GTX 750 Ti SC 2GB GDDR5:

    It's the best selling card right now in Amazon in their computer Graphics Cards segment. I recommend this card, the price is great! ($150). It also has a low power consumption.

    This is a great card that you should upgrade to!

    This is a youtube video going over the 750 Ti, hopefully you'll find this helpful
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    not really that big a boost honestly.

    640 vs 8800GT

    640 vs 750ti

    granted it does consume less power.
  3. thank you for the answers and for the comparison page, i was honestly looking for something like that

    So, just a quick side question, should i maybe just get another fan for my 8800gt and overclock it? I've heard for years that they're great for OC and that you can get an impressive amount of power out of them. It's the G92 processor type card.
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