how can use ethernet net connection in wireless n 300adsl2 2750u +router and make it accessible to wifi?

i have dsl-2750u router + wireless. it having one dsl port ,four lan port , one usb port plus wifi and wps switch.

i just want to know how can i use my ethernet cable to connect the router and make accessible to wifi.

thank you.
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  1. It depends what you want to do. If you have a wireless device pc and a wired pc the 2 devices can talk using this device. Since this is the default I suspect what you are really asking is how to use this router to allow you to connect your ethernet via wireless to another wireless router. This is a function called client-bridge. I don't think that router has that feature. You will need a different router/repeater that has that function. It will likely be cheaper to buy a USB wireless nic card.
  2. Bill you mean to say that this Model can not use a Ethernet Connection or Cable connection based internet. This Model do have 1 RJ-11 port for DSL connection i.e. For Landline and 4 RJ 45 Ports. So don't you think RJ-45 we can use Ethernet cable connection internet?
  3. If your goal is to connect this to a modem or some other form of internet that is delelived via ethernet than it won't work. The only thing you can use this for if you do not have a DSL connection is a switch or AP. It can only run as a router on a DSL internet connection.
  4. This is bummer. Can you tell a device which i can buy and can be used as Both DSL and as a CABLE Broadband. I saw one model but it is very costly so if you have any recommendation you can let me know please. I saw model of Cisco Linksys X2000, it is very high range but has both option i guess so.

    Also dont you think there could be a converter in market which can convert DSL port to Ethernet and will that work?
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    That is one of the few that can connect to any type of internet. It has the newer ADSL2 also.

    You really only need a router that matches your current internet unless you plan on moving or something. You are best off buying a normal ethernet based router if you can they are pretty inexpensive.

    They do sorta make a converter but what it really is the part of system that lets people run DSL over their own private phones lines. It is basically a small version of the deivice the phone company has in their office called a DSLAM. It would almost be crazy to even think to do it even if you could afford it. These are the type of devices they do not quote prices on so you know they are expensive.
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