Xbox One or Xbox 360 ?

Hi everyone, I'm thinking to get a Console but I'm confused right now . Should I get a Xbox One or Xbox 360 ?

Xbox 360 is Cheap and It's games are also Cheap but as I have to run that console for about 4 years, IDK If games will be still releasing for 360 for another 4 Years .

The Xbox One is Expensive, Has few games right now but will surly last for 4 years .

So the main question is, If I get a 360 . Will It last for another 4 years or Should I get a XBone ?
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  1. Go for latest Play Station :)
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    Nobody can tell the all depends on the game developers. Obviously the xbox 1 platform will allow them to produce more graphic intensive games than the 360.. If you're looking for future proof..just get the xbox 1 or the ps4.
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