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I built my desk top( first time)using an Asus M5A motherboard and windows 7 op system.
Everything worked fine until I changed my Keyboard when I may have initially connected the keyboard to a usb3 port. The keybord is now connected to a usb 2 port.
However when I now boot up I get a window stating:-
path\windows\system32 etc
Partition 2 etc
IF I press enter I go into a normal boot up
If I press esc I get new window with windows 7 highlighted again if I choose enter I gointo normal boot up -- This window also gives me the option of selecting keyF8 to specify an advanced option.Can anyone give me some advice as I wish to avoid further complications
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  1. Post your complete and detailed build

    usb2.0 and 3.0 should be interchangeable.

    Have you updated all your drivers eg usb?

    Did you set your OS drive to be the primary boot drive?
  2. Try this:

    Start > Right Click on Computer and select Properties > Choose Advanced System Settings on the left > Advanced tab > Select Startup and Recovery Settings button > Uncheck "Time to display operating systems", and select the Default Operating System. See if that works for ya.
  3. Re Eternal Champion -- Drivers are updates and OS Drive was set as primary boot drive
    Re Storage Expert --- I have tried your suggestion without any joy

    Under the windows boot manager screen as mentioned previously there is a statement as follows:-

    On selecting F8 I am given the following choices
    1)Repair your computer
    2)Safe Mode
    3)Safe Mode with networking
    4)Safe mode with command prompt
    5)Enable boot logging
    6)Last known good configuration(advanced)
    7)Directory Services Restore Mode
    8)Debugging mode
    9)Disable automatic restart on system Failure
    10)Start windows normally
    on selecting either of the above a description is given for that particular statement

    If I choose no 10 the computer boots up ok but after shutdown it is back to square one

    Any ideas?
  4. Post your complete and detailed build

    Try 1) - repair your computer.

    Try 6) - system restore
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