RAM, CPU, and Graphics card upgrade under $300!


I was wondering if it was possible to buy a CPU, GPU, and more RAM (already have 2GB of 1333MHz RAM) that can run Battlefield 4 at High settings (maybe ultra). Below are the requirements. I currently have a 600W PSU.

-RAM: No real requirements

-CPU: I need an FM2 CPU. Also, a cheap CPU cooler ($10-$20) would be preferred.

-GPU: As stated before, I would like to play Battlefield 4 at High settings, and maybe Ultra settings.

Could you possibly do all this under $300? The absolute max I will go is $350. Oh, and the cheaper, the better.

Many thanks!
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  1. Current specs list please.
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    Battlefield 4 is actually a very demanding game and just a $350 max budget for a case cpu and gpu you brought one hefty order my friend.
    Get the following.
    Amd a10 6800k - $140
    Msi hd 7770 ghz edition - $90
    Corsair 300r case - $60
    Arctic freezer 7 pro rev 2 - $25
    These pricings are from newegg.
    This is about $315 and about the best I can do seeing as you wanted it at $300 and wanted it to include a cooler and a case.
    Run the gpu in crossfire with the a10 processors built in graphics and should reach pretty strong performance for your battlefield 4.
  3. One of the higher end AMD APU's should fit your needs and budget, though you may not get Ultra settings in BF4. And if you are not looking to overclock, then just use the stock cooler that comes with the APU.

    Hard to recommend a cheap cooler though without more info, like what case you are using. A good cheap cooler is the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo. Ive seen it in the $20-35 price range.
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