Can connect to wifi but no internet

I have a wierd situation here at home.
I can connect to my laptop to wifi but there is no internet connection.
But i have internet if i use phone or a tablet.
You might think it my laptop problem, but i can connect to another wifi and there is internet too.
My laptop has an Intel pro wireless 3945ABG card. Latest drivers for XP.
Net protected witn 64bit WEP.
I get my ip via DHCP.
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    Not sure why you are having that problem except that XP is no longer supported. Sounds like an OS or router issue. And also your 'Net' is not protected with 64 bit WEP. Nothing is protected with WEP. Switch to WPA2.

    Try pinging your loop back as well as an external IP to see what happens. Make sure your router is functioning properly and make sure your AV is not blocking everything.
  2. My router only supports WEP XD
    I have no Anti Virus software adn the firewall is disabled.
    My router is working just not for my laptop.
    Mayebe i have to buy a newer one.
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