Memory problems with my asus maximus formula motherboard and 2x 8GB memory gskill ripjaws

I recently got a asus maximus formula motherboard and 2 8 GB gskill ripjaw memory chips for a total of 16 GB of memory. It works fine with only 1 chip in the motherboard but when I put both in it does not work, the error code is 55 which means memory not installed yet I have 2 sticks of memory in the computer. How do I fix this problem.
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    Make sure you have the latest BIOS, then try a stick in slot 2, enable XMP, save, shut down and then add the second stick in slot 4 and try, let me know
  2. Use slot A2 and B2. If problem persists, try A1 B1. Let us know the result.
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