Asus VN247H color issues/blur

Hi all, I recently got this screen, I have never had a screen that is less than 7 years old haha. Now this screen looks beautiful but the colors look a "little" weird and text is a bit blurry. No I am running off of VGA at 1440x900 with integrated hd4250 graphics, I was wondering if the fact I am using VGA and such bad gfx will cause this? And if not can anyone help me calibrate my screen correctly as I have tried and failed and Google isn't helping either! Thanks all!
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    The text will be blurry as that is a 1920x1080 display not 1440x900. so the pixels get stretched. Does it get better at 1920x1080 and do you have a DVI cable?
  2. MUCH better, thanks so much. When I first tried it at this res it went very blurry, now it is fine. Thanks a lot!
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