Will new build work in existing pre-built computer

Hi all, right now i want to start a build but for cash reasons i want to slowly upgrade parts. im working with a hpe h8-1214.

I have already upgraded psu to corsair cx600
I have gotten a XFX R9 270X gpu that doesnt work on my current mobo.

im looking to upgrade my mobo to the asus sabertooth 990FX R2. from what i can tell my current memory is DDR3-1333 which should work for new mobo, my connections should all be SATA which should be compatable.

my current specs;
amd fx-6100 processor
m3970am (angellic 2) mobo
radeon hd7450 gpu

I was just wondering if i am able to put in a new motherboard to a prebuilt computer, and if it will support my new gpu, and processor, and i wont have any troubles installing with current OS which is windows 7, or any other drivers or components which may cause any trouble.

p.s. pcpartpicker says they should all be compatable but since it is a prebuilt comp I just wanted to check with people that have either done this or know if there are any problems that may arise

Thank you all
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    It should work but you will have driver problems. What you could do is put the HDD in a different computer then delete all mobo and previous hardware drivers. then, you can cleanly install them on the new mobo.
  2. Would I be able to wipe them before i disassemble them from my existing build?
  3. I believe so. Or, you could wipe the entire hard drive but keep Windows on it.
  4. Ok one more ? Is that going to be a new enough and strong enough mobo to run that card even tho it's pci2 not 3.0 cuz my mobo now is 2.0 and won't run it but I figured it's too old or too weak to run it
  5. Well, it would, but the transfer speeds would not be noticable at all. I would just suggest getting a clean start and getting a new CPU, GPU, and mobo. Here is a good article.
  6. Ok thank you for all your help it is very appreciated!!
  7. You are welcome and have a nice day!
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