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Hi Tom's. New to SSD-y stuff so please go easy and ELI5 if possible :D

It's been ages since I bought a new system and I recently did for my fiance. She is pursuing becoming a photographer/videographer and needed something more suitable. Got her a refurb ASUS Q501LT. Thought she could really benefit from an SSD for speed and use the installed 750GB HDD for external storage.

The computer is on the way. Wanted to get the SSD in ASAP. Have these questions:
Clean install or Clone? There will be no files/programs on the computer of hers (as it is new), so I thought fresh copy of Windows 8. However, I have read that with Windows 8 there is no longer a license key on the machine itself and it is embedded in BIOS?
How will I install Windows to the SSD without a disk (I know it won't come with one + has no optical drive) or license key?
Will I have to download an .iso from a torrent site or something similar and place on flash drive?
What about the key? Can I retrieve it? How will I activate?
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  1. Does the machine come with the OS preinstalled, or is it a Win 8 that you bought?
  2. Please teach her how to safely eject the external drive and to do it every time. Failing to do so could cause the loss of everything on the drive.
  3. Thank you for the responses..

    @USAFRet: The machine comes with Win 8.0 installed.

    @popatim: I was under the impression that the 750GB HDD we take out, and then put in an enclosure would act much like a regular external hard drive.. Can you point me toward an article/tutorial/thread that explains what you are saying?

    Also, still looking for the answer on fresh installing Windows 8 on the SSD, without a disk/optical drive (through USB). And what I have heard about no license key being printed on the machine and being embedded in BIOS.
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    Having the OS already installed on the drive, your primary option is to migrate from one drive to another.
    Your secondary option is to buy your own Win 8 license and install that.

    Possibly you can create a factory refresh disk set and install to that. Some of then do balk at seeing a different drive.

    For the clone thing, with a brand new machine, the main thing you have to look at is drive space. How much is used on the original, and how large is the new SSD.
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