does ram memory matters or frequency in gaming

Hey guys I am have my old pc with config
1. Intel core 2 duo
2. 2 gb ram 333mhz
3. 512mb geforce gs4000 gpu
4. Intel motherboard and it supports frequency of ram upto 800mhz

So my que is that while playing game like ghost recon phantoms even low setting the game lags a bit but in its official site these were its recommend specs so my doubt is that my ram mhz is pulling me back so do I change ram or not

Dont say me to change everything thing because I am going to do anyway but just I want to know what matters
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  1. Your ram is 667. The amount is probably an issue but not the speed.
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    Minimum requirements call for 2GB of DRAM, which you have but you OS takes up a fair prtion of that DRAM as do other programs that start when the system does, would suggest getting more DRAM
  3. How can u say that my ram is 667mhz
  4. DDR stands for dual data rate. The effective is double the actual. Plus ddr2 doesn't go that low.

    The gpu model isn't right, but if it's a 8400 like I think, that doesn't meet minimum and is the main issue.
  5. opps my gpu is gs 8400
  6. so increasing ram would be a better option
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