"Clicking" sound going out of PSU. XFX Pro550


A week ago I heard some weird noise made by my PSU, I thought that sth got into the fan so I hoovered it and it stopped.

A week later(today) it came back, but hoovering did not help. I was able to determine that the sound is not made by the fan itself. It is hard to explain, so I just posted an YT video.

I have no idea how to fix it, PC is working fine, but the noise is annoying, really. I did change anything in my PC recently.

I checked every fan(GPU, PSU, CPU) by stopping it, I unscrewed the PSU to check it, cleaned the fan.

I'd be glad to get some help :)
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    it might be a bad news That clicking is a sign that something is probably shorting..replace your psu use your rma...
  2. The 5 year warranty is voided if you had removed / opened anything besides the fan grill, if the warranty sticker covering one of the screws is gone then it is no longer under warranty.

    The power supply isn't user serviceable since the capacitors holds a deadly charge. The best thing might be to buy a new if the 'Warranty Voided if Removed' sticker is gone.
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