Intel core I7 Processors questions

Hi everyone;
I have three questions:

1) Will a heavy duty Pentium heat sink work well/ cool an i7 processor.

2) Will a good psu (power supply) from an Pentium processor work with an intel core i7 processor.

3) I have my eyes on the 4790k intel i7 processor for £290 from intel, amazon; do you know a much cheaper supplier or an alternative, more cost effective LGA1150 socket intel (core series) 4th gen gaming processor. - note I live in ROI
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  1. 1. The new i7 CPU will come with it's own stock heatsink. You should use this, not the pentium one (if you mean stock pentium heatsink).

    If you mean you already have an aftermarket cooler, it depends. In this case, what socket pentium is it and what model is your cpu cooler?

    2. Probably.
    What's the make and model of the psu? If you're not sure, there should be some sort of label on the side of the psu. If you can't get a model/manufacturer from there, just post the amperage on each of the rails (it should be in a table on the side of the psu).

    3. I'f you're not interested in overclocking, go for the 4790 (around £220 on amazon, only 1p more than a 4770). If you'll be overclocking, I'd go for a 4770k. They're around £230 on amazon and you won't notice much difference, if any at all between the 4770k and 4790k.
  2. 1) if its the stock intel cooler from the pentium, probably not, if its an aftermarket cooler we will need the make and model of the cooler.
    2) Whats the make and model of the PSU?
  3. 1) It's the stock one

    2) All PSU details:
    (Gold Plated - Acer Aspire Desktop Stock PSU)

    Make: COLORSIT
    ATX12V P4
    Switching Power supply

    AC INPUT: 230V ac 50-60Hz Model: 550U
    DC l +3.3V l +5V l +12V l -5V l -12V l +5VSB l
    OUTPUT l 28A l 35A l 30A l 0.5A l 0.8A l 2.5A l
    MAX l 550W l

    EN6060950 (PFC)

    Furthermore I'm just after realising that the PSU has:
    - only 1 sata power connector,
    - 1 ATAX connector (fine)
    - 2 system fan connection - theres 6 system fans and 1 CPU fan and 1 COU 'OPT' (Optional?)connections (i'm guessing I should consult the case that I'll be getting to determine wither that's enough)
    - 1 ATX 12V (fine)
    - 1 ATX 12V 2x4 (my PSU has only 2x3, but still fits)
    - and 6 molex connectors (which my motherboard doesn't support).

    My new motherboard (GA-Z87X-UD7 TH) has the newer sata power connections.

    I can get molex to 1 sata power cable adapter (don't know how reliable the 1 molex to 2 sata power adapters are) via amazon £1.47 per piece so it's more viable than a new PSU (6 should be plenty for: 1/2 hdd, 1 ssd, 1/2 disc drive discs and the 1 usb 3.0 front panel).

    - is this a good resolution to this problem or would such adapters be dangerous (to any part of the pc) or less powerful than a new one with all sata power connectors when dealing with PSU connections?

    is there disadvantages to this, as opposed to a newer one with all sata connectors?
    is a 1 molex to 2 sata adapter still as reliable as 1 molex to 1 sata one?

    3) hmm, two good alternatives......

    Thanks for the help so far. :)
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    The adapters should be fine to use. Just try to stay away from no-name or generic products if you can.
    I normally wouldn't trust a PSU from a brand I don't know, but if it's from acer it's probably half decent anyways. You have more than enough amperage to support the i7.

    Since you'll be using the stock heatsink, just use the one that comes with the i7 CPU. It should be in the box with it.
  5. Thanks Mattib, yeah Colorsit are amazing coolers it's been running for almost a decade without a problem.

    Yeah since it comes with it I might as well.

    Thanks everyone, it's up to me now to pick the right processor and case for me now.

    It would be great if they made 8-core processor like ps4s for multi-tasking.
  6. Furthermore do I need a converter for atx 12v 2x3/ molex to atx 12v 2x4 for my psu?
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