Battlefield 4 and Crysis 3 ultra 1080p 60fps locked PC $1000 HELP

I seem like I'm asking for a lot XD
I prefer Intel CPU esp. I5 4670k (would eventually wanna oc)
Motherboard must be 2 way SLI capable and ATX
1tb SATA III 6gb /s
8gb ram at 1600 mhz
(Not incliduding mouse and keyboard)
Blue ray write
At least 600w psu
MID tower < 100$ (Full tower if <100)
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  1. and the resolution of your monitor is?
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    CM Hyper 212 evo
    Asrock Z97 extreme4
    GSkill ares RAM in matching blue
    32 gig SSD to run in intel smart response as a cache drive
    1 terabyte WD blue hard drive
    ASUS GTX 760
    Antec 302 case ... good enough for an SLI set up
    Corsair 750 watt gold rated PSU ......... good enough for an SLI set up
    Blu-ray burner


    Make sure you use a 64 bit OS . Ideally win 8
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