How to extend volume with a SSHD(solid state hyper drive)?

Hello, I just cloned my old 1TB HDD drive to a 2 TB SSHD--I can't seem to get the right click off "c" drive for "extend volume" but can get right click (extend volume) of the "d" recovery disk----next to the "d" recovery disk is a unallocated 931.50gb space----which I can get a right click "new simple volume" in disk management-, What should I do?? Pic of disk management:
pic of disk management
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  1. You may try using 3rd Party applications like Partition Wizard Minitool or Easeus Partition Master to resize the volume you need to expand.
  2. I could not "extend the volume" "c" drive , because recovery disk "d" is in the way--so I created a simple volume and formatted the unallocated 931.50 gb volume to drive "g" etc.
  3. I don't know if I understand you correctly of what you are trying to achieve. But as what I've suggested above, those applications would be able to help you manage the partitions/volumes on your hard drive as you want.
  4. No performance loss with the other unallocated TB being allocated into a new separate "drive" or different drive other than the boot "c" drive with the same SSHD.----checked windows experience and performance did not differ with the "change".
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