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I am making a PC for gaming. I am playing minecraft legue of legends fsx and steam games. I am going more for cpu dependent games. I will be overclocking so I can play maxed out 1080p with addons. My build is at the bottom. I am not sure of the cpu is great for overclocking to 4.5ghz and the motherboard too. My limit is $900. If there is a better cpu it would help if you told me that.
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  1. If ur using the cpu for more than 1 thingy the switch to the i7. Fsx benefit from i7 with hypeethreading enchancing it.
  2. No actually fsx doesn't utilize HT because it was built on an old platform. I'm mainly asking if the motherboard and proccessor are capable of overclocking to 4.5ghz and if they can go farther how much farther?
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