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So currently I have an i5 3570k oc to 4.2 ghz and was wondering if I would need a better cooler to keep it cool. I have a cooler master TX3 right now and I have it set to Turbo Fan speed in my bios. While playing games it'll hit around 65 C. Should I be worried?
Also, it gets quite loud while gaming too so if I do change it, what cooler should I get? Is it worth it to go with a closed loop cooler? I might bump up my oc to 4.4 later.
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  1. Thats warm but not crazy they usually have the tx4 on sale for 20 bucks its extra pipe really comes in handy of course the 212 is even better
  2. How much better would you say the 212 is?
  3. The 212 is one of the best fan coolers our there for that price. Unless you are dealing with high heat like trying to over clock and fx8350 to 5ghz, then the 212 is a great air cooler.

    If it costs a little more, it is worth it.
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    go with the 212 evo it is higher in class then the tx 4 for cooling and try to use arctic cooling mx 2 or mx 4 as cooling paste .
  5. Thanks everyone! :) I think I'll be getting the 212 evo.
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