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Hi everyone,
Just now looked into the new Asus ROG boards at computex this year (2014). However I was heartbroken to see that they will not be available for the intel 1155 socket CPUs. Are there any more awesome boards to expect from other companies?
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  1. 1155 is an old socket... so no, excpect boards for socket 1150 and newer ones...
  2. Sad to hear. Would it be worth it to upgrade to an 1150 or 2011
  3. well its a complex question... do you want the new features, the looks... do you want to replace your cpu too? depends on what you want...

    budget wise it is not wise at all... only 1 generation apart...

    I would say, wait untill broadwell CPUs launch, and then see (maybe some new mobos will come also)...

    also the new x89 (or was it x99...) motherboards are bound to launch soon... I think you may have seen a few at computex
  4. Ill think about the upgrade. I would use the other parts in a pc for my folks anyways. But I'll most likely wait for the new ones now. Cheers!
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    1150/Z87 and Haswell replaced (effectively) the 1155 socket mobos and SB/IB CPUs. Since then, the new 1150 versions (Z97 and H97) have arrived, along w/ the Haswell Refresh CPUs (Devils Canyon)...the 97 series of mobos will be upgrade-able to the Broadwell CPUs when they come about. Next up is the X99 mobos to handle what will be the Haswell-E CPUs on the 2011/quad channel platform
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