Thin Radiator Compenstaion?

Hello, I need help with an issue I'm having;
I have the Corsair H60 2013 edition liquid cooler, cooling my i5-4670k at stock speeds. Recently I noticed that it's running way too hot (idling at 85-90C) so to prevent damage I stopped playing and immediately ordered new fans seeing as I'm not in budget for a new cooler (finished my build a few months ago and I'm about broke currently). I'm getting 2 of these fans ( The H60 has gotten bad reviews due to it's thin radiator, I knew this and bought it anyway because it was in my budget and it worked flawlessly for someone else with the same build as me. I'm wondering now what fan setup can I use to compensate for the thin rad on the cooler.
Push/Pull, Push, Pull? I've researched this allot in the last few days and have gotten mixed responses. (The fans will likely be here tomorrow of the next day --7/9-10/14-- sorry for the short notice but this was a last resort because I'm having no luck with searching on the web for info.

My build is:
Case: Thermaltake Armor Reve
PSU: Rosewill 600w
MB: Fatal1ty Killer Z87 (ASRock)
HDD: 2tb Seagate Barracuda 7200 RPM
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 1866 (the blue one, don't remember which one exactly)
CPU: i5-4670k 3.4GHz
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 7870 GHz edition 2gb

I've currently got the fans that came in the case and the one that came with the cooler, none of them are bad but none of them are great, I'll likely have all 4 of them as intake for the 2 fans I'm getting to keep them running to their full capability (unless instructed otherwise).
Also, I have Antec formula 7 as thermal paste, it's gotten fairly good reviews but would that affect the heat?
Any advce would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    I would recommend you to remount your cooler. It shouldn't be idling at that temperature at all since its at stock speeds.
  2. dragonsamus said:
    I would recommend you to remount your cooler. It shouldn't be idling at that temperature at all since its at stock speeds.

    Already checked it, it's mounted properly. Could it be that I've used too much paste? It's a long story, but I decided to go with someones advice that went against everything I've ever read/heard about thermal paste --to use a very small dot and press with heatsink to evenly spread-- instead I used a thick layer and scraped off the remainder that squeezed out when I mounted the cooler. However there is a problem with that idea, it was running very cool even after multiple hours of heavy gaming. The problems started when I lost power a few days ago, powered up my computer again after lights shut off and came back on and it was running very hot, reached 90C in under a minute of idling in BIOS. I updated the bios the other day and the temps got knocked down to 70C after 5 minutes of idling in bios and didn't go higher. Could it be that something is fried on the motherboard? I have a surge protector, so it shouldn't be fried.
  3. Pump broke.
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