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Can someone help me find a method on how to ground myself with my surroundings? I've heard I just have to connect the teeth of the anti-static mat/wrist strap onto the case, but I also heard I can connect the teeth to my connected-to-the-wall PSU while it's switched off. Same goes for the mat. This will be my first build, so I want to play it safe, both for me and the components. Any advice?
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    install the PSU in the case. plug the PSU in but switched off. connect the strap to bare metal on the case.

    the PSU part isn't strictly necessary but does connect you to earth ground. Obviously you wouldn't want to connect to the PSU when its not in the case as then you are grounded and the case isn't.
  2. If you're too worried about this, you can just go barefoot while building if your floor is made out of floorboards, or just keep touching the metal of the case every once in a while
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