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I'm needing to buy a PC laptop mainly for word processing and internet use. I'm on a budget, so can spend up to $600 max (preferably tax included, Can $), and would be delighted if it would last a good 3 years. Any recommendations or suggestions would be welcome. Also appreciated: any thoughts regarding the value of additional warranty purchase. Likely don't have the extra $, but don't want to be stuck after a year with big costs for repair.
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  1. If it is really only going to get used for internet and word processing, buy something used (if you do not mind that) with a Core2Duo E8xxx and 4GB RAM off eBay/kijiji/whatever for ~$100. Assuming it does not fail, it should last you for however long you stick to word processing and internet browsing.

    Or you can buy a $400 laptop - cheaper than building a PC and have to also buy a separate display, keyboard, mouse, etc.
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    Try -

    Lenovo is good quality and it has OK cpu, memory, storage and graphics within your budget.
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