How do I get a program to run under a user without prompting for an Admin password everytime?

I just built a new PC. On my old PC my account was an Administrators account, so I never had an issue.
But it has been suggested that for increased security running the computer for everyday stuff like Office and Internet should be done on a user account.
So I thought I'd try this (Win7x64 bit) and now it's doing my head in: Asus HeroVII mobo has several feature such as keybot installed, that require Admin to run. If I log in with a user account, I get a heap of programs in the task bar prompting for the Admin password!
So, my question, is there an easy way to make these programs run as Admin automatically without a password for user A, and be denied (hidden, not even prompt) for user B? And if I don't want a program to run under any user (eg Samsung Magician), how to I stop it prompting in the task bar!
Thanks in advance,
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  1. I believe this may solve your problem:

    As your question about not wanting a certain program to run at startup at all then you can just use msconfig (windows+R > type "msconfig" > go to the startup tap > uncheck the program the you don't want to run > Apply)
  2. Thanks for the info but not quite. At the moment I have about 8 tasks that prompt when I first login with my everyday user account. When I log in as an admin they just load and are unseen. My question is how I get those 8 tasks to automatically run as administrator when using the user account.
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. That was for users who are already on an administrator account.
  4. Cobra007 said:
    Yeah, sorry about that. That was for users who are already on an administrator account.

    Yeah. I didn't realize how difficult this "run everyday tasks from a user account" thing would be! Sure, it sounds like a solid security/anti-virus measure in theory, but as I am finding out I am tempted to just run my computer as an Administrator to avoid this mess. I ran XP/Vista/Norton as an always on administrator account for ten years without a problem, so am wondering if it is really worth all the hassle?

    Has anybody else out there tried this whole 2-account setup thing with any degree of success?
  5. Anyone?
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