4790k GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 high temps

I got my parts today and put my new computer together. I'm using an evo 212 cooler and not overlocking the processor. I also applied the bios update to the motherboard but my temps in Prime 95 and Intel burn test are out of control. at 1.213v I'm sitting good right around 55 but once it adjusts to 1.223 volts they jump into the mid 80s. I tried Prime 95 for all of about 30 seconds before it hit mid 90s. I'm not sure what's going on and this is my first Intel so I'm really lost in the bios. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I've reseated the evo 212 and I'm using mx2 thermal paste. Idle is around 22c
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  1. Try cleaning out the inside of your rig, and lower the voltage bit by bit, untill you get a max of 75 degrees
  2. The case is all clean its a new build Antec 300 with 2 additional intake fans. I don't know anything about Intel bios I have always had AMD black and you just pop the multiplyer up on those. Do you happen to know of any in depth literature I could read to familiarize myself with Intel bios? It is only getting really hot on stability tests. I did some work in Adobe last night and it never got past 62c mostly sitting around mid 50s. rendering and encoding.
  3. I have that same issue with my 4770K. If you are using Blend in Prime95, it uses 32-minute cycles. 16 minutes into the test, it gets more intensive. Set voltage at 1.21 V static and LLC at High.
  4. Hi guys I have same build lol. I did notice something odd with gigabyte easy tuner.
    Its somethign to do with the voltage settings, wish someone knew how to use it correctly.

    I noticed it when I was fine tuning stable test at 100%, only stuck to 80c max instead the usual 100C!
    that im getting now, is 100c with intensive apps. :( .

    Same as fats though build.
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