Best Gtx 660........plz I am in a hurry....

I live in india where prices of graphic card are very I decide to get a gpu from canida.... Where my brother lives........ I want him to get a gtx 660........ I am confused for which one I should go for
Evga superclocked or Asus buget is 220 canidian dollars............
My Rig.....
Cpu-I3 3220. (going to upgrade it next month)
Ram- corsair vengeance 4*2
Mobo-asus p8b75-M
Psu-Seasonic 520wt
Cabinet-Cm scout 2
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    Get whatever has the best warranty and a decent cooler. EVGA probably has the best reputation, and ASUS follows close behind. But aslong as your not overclocking and you jsut want a plug and play card, the cheapest one with the best warranty is your best choice. AS long as installation goes smoothly and it runs without catching fire for the first day, it will last. just dont change any settings and it will be covered under warranty.
  2. The asus card is slightly faster, I'd go with asus
  3. Zotac are pretty good and offer 5 year warranty.
    I'm happy with mine. Temperatures are good and fans are silent. Also the card is pretty small compared to Asus CU Direct.
  4. If I get asus gtx 660 from canida will it covers warrenty in india......
  5. Which is better evgs gtx 660 superclocked Or Asus gtx 660 DCII
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