Which drive(s) should I put in my laptop? (HDD, SSHD, SSD)

I'll be gaming on the laptop. It won't be used for much storage.

My options are:

  • HDD, SATA2, 5,400 RPM (around 500GB-1TB)
  • HDD, SATA3, 5,400 RPM (around 500GB-1TB)
  • HDD, SATA3, 7,200 RPM (around 500GB-1TB)
  • SSHD, SATA3, 5,400 RPM (500 GB)
  • SSD, SATA3 (around 120-250GB)

Or, I could have two of the above.

I was thinking about having a smaller SSD for the boot drive and a 7,200 RPM drive for storage (games etc.) but is a 7,200 RPM drive overkill for a laptop's battery?
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    you can also get 2 SSDs and do raid 0 ....

    the best choice would be an SSD OS and HDD storage

    also depends on how much money you have
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