Will i3-4360 work on H81 chipset until bios update?

Good afternoon,
I'm thinking i3-4360 on that h81 MB :

It says 4th gen cpus require a bios update. It's fine; I've done it before on a different system. The question is if it is going to allow me to install windows and update it later. Or, do I have to have another out-of-the-box-compatible-cpu at hand to turn on the computer and update the bios?

And, is there gonna be a comprise on performance with that MB?

Thanks in advance :)
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    It should work but it might just say "unknown CPU" in bios and windows.
    Most boards you can update bios from USB in BIOS so do that before installing windows.
  2. I see. I was worried that it might not open anything. But, I guess, as far as I understand, we can enter Bios and flash it regardless of our cpu's situation. The MB will work on it own, right?
  3. Obviously you still need to install the CPU but it will boot with any CPU.
    I had similar situation on one of my builds and it was only picking up my CPU as 800MHz but that's enough to flash the bios. :)
  4. Uhh I see. That's very useful information :) Thanks a lot.
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