Is a CPU cooler really worth it?

Hey there.

I have put together this partlist and I am trying to save a little bit of money and going with the stock cooler. I probably won't be overclocking in the near future but maybe down the track I will. When I do eventually decide to overclock, I will opt for the Hyper 212. Will the stock cooler be okay for now?

Should I go with the stock cooler or buy the Hyper 212 EVO.

Thanks for reading :)
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  1. My question is why wait? If you're planning on buying it eventually anyway then buy it now, its not like its gonna get much cheaper in the long run.

    Changing coolers later on can be a messy business, since you'll be cleaning that thermal paste off and it gets everywhere, on the fingers, behind the nails, on the hair (don't ask me how lol I just got it up there).
  2. Go with stock cooler, it's quite good honestly. Your graphics definitely will be louder, and stock cooler is even good enough for a small OC.
  3. Yes if you want to overclock or if you want silence, if you don't want either of those things, then no.
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    Changing your cooling solution down the line can be messy, but your needs may not require it.

    The Intel CPU that you chose has a built in feature called Turbo Boost, which is a temporary overclock of the cores being used in ideal conditions. So your needs may be covered there.

    I would suggest looking into a decent SSD though. The prices have come down recently and you will see a performance boost compared to loading everything from a standard HDD.
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